S.U.P Stand up paddleboard

The SUP we offer are designed and built by a very experienced boat builders and surfers in Florida, USA. These SUP is by its buoyancy, stability and unique design, the absolute best! SUP provides fun for all, on their own or together. SUP is perfect for exercise of the whole body as well as for fishing, fun and of course for peaceful relaxation at sea.
We also offer a cool box that can be easily mounted on your SUP Ice box is constructed so that the convenience can also be used as a seat. Using this function works SUP as good for those who have a disability, as for those who want to go fishing on his SUP, exercise or enjoy a picnic on the water.
SUP is an excellent form of exercise that offers static exercise the whole body. We also offer fitness accessories for SUP, as belonging gymartiklar mm.Of course you can also paddle out and surf in a way that has not previously been possible in our latitudes. The largest SUP that we sell are 13.6 ft (4 m long), carries 195 kg and weighs only 22 kg. This SUP can be used by several people simultaneously and is also suitable for fishing.
Bearing capacity for our smallest SUP is all 135kg, length 10.0 ft (3 m) and weighs only 16 kg. All SUP is hand built in fiberglass with a unique and quality construction.
Maybe your SUP be in a color that matches your yacht or with a photo of your favorite subject? You can choose how your S.U.P to look. We can produce colors according to your wishes and you can get a picture according to your preference. Accessories include cooler / sittbox which can be obtained according to your wishes, eg in a matching color alt. teak look. Cup holder and place for fishing rod is standard on the cooler. The box screwed with ease onto your S.U.P. As an option a recessed compartment. This tray has space for storing wallet, keys, mobile phone and any extra clothes.
We wish you a great pleasure with your choice of this quality SUP
We only work with the SUP of the highest quality hand-built by a company located in Florida, USA, with extensive experience in boat, kayak and surf industry. Order immediately for delivery before the holidays. Welcome to contact us to us!
Best in test according to Outside Magazine (USA)! Read more here!








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